Monday, October 08, 2007

Crappy, Lucky Day....

Man, I tell you, I suppose I am better off than most people, but it was a bad day. I was supposed to meet a friend of mine for gym and lunch. I got up too late to go to the gym, but I went to meet for lunch and he didn't show. No matter how many times I called. I know it's not his fault and that he has a life too, but it just sucked because we couldn't hang out.

Then, I hang out and watch football, getting lunch anyways. I get home to catch the highlights of my favorite football team and they get squashed by their opponent, bummer! Not too bad a problem though, right? The icing on the cake was when I go to get ready for the concert I was to attend tonight (Maroon 5 w/ The Hives) and I cant find my ticket. I look in the place where I keep all my upcoming concert tickets and as anyone would guess, all of them are there ACCEPT the show I am attending tonight! So I frantically search for about 40 minutes to no avail! So, as one would guess, I missed a great show (At least, it's my assumption, it was great!) Whats gonna suck even more is when/if I find that ticket, I guess all I can do is laugh about it now.

Why lucky, you ask? Well, I didn't end up dead, jobless, or homeless, so it turned out lucky after all....


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