Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Kick In The Ass.....

Hello bloggers and bloggettes! It has been quite some time for yours truly and I must say I am doing good. I have been at a steady job since February. This economy was brutal to me over the past two years. Man it was hard to find a job, but I have to give the credit to God for pulling me through.

That trilogy is kicking my ass. My word processor broke down, finally, after 14 years. We had seen some rough times, me and that WP. Well, this new job treats me well, so I can't complain. I am paid every week and for the most part, have all weekends and requests off, so it's going well.

I been hitting a lot of shows and partying like crazy, LOL! However with partying comes inspiration, especially with all the people I meet. If I am lucky, I will have one of the trilogy books out by next summer and then release the other two the following year. With this economy the way it has been, money is kinda tight, am I right?

There has been some bad news this year for me, at least emotionally. I was on myspace and was looking up something about art in Ann Arbor or something or other and an old girlfriend's profile showed up. I never even knew she had a myspace. Well, she is doing well, not that it is any of my business, nor should I care. But seeing her again, after not seeing her for over a decade, I went into a nervous breakdown, at least emotionally. Still, as beautiful as ever, with everything she has always wanted and I should be happy for her, but I am more mad at myself for even taking time out to even look at her profile. I have got to be the dumbest mother fucker out there to even believe she would ever give a shit as to what or how I am doing. However, I must look at it for inspiration, with me being a writer and all, no?

I had asked opinions of other folks and they have told me that I was an idiot to even give her a second thought. Not that she did anything for me to feel this way, it is just me kicking myself in the ass, for acknowledging anything I felt for her, especially since all this time has past. Ere go, I kick myself in the ass, in order to move forward.

With that said, things have had their ups and downs too. We have had our gas off since July and it sucks taking them cold showers in the fall, let me tell you. However, we have finally got it paid and the gas, and cold showers and cooking with be in full swing by Friday. My girlfriend has been a real trooper, even in our financial hardships, she had kept chin up and nose to the grindstone, no regrets, no complaints. It is amazing that we have been together for 12 years and we still consider ourselves a team, but in this world, we all gotta stand together, unless we fall.

I thought I'd have lots more to say and for the most part I think I have said it all, so far....except that for anyone who has or will ever read my blog, to please check out my poetry on my site, it has been and always will be my passion.


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