Los Daddy's Journal

Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Depression Era......

I am so excited about my upcoming activities, that it makes my problems seem so minute. I just get so depressed sometimes at work, that I really don't want to be there. With a selected few people who actually make it bearable. Truly, if it wasn't for them, I dont know what I would do. I mean, I have a few coworkers who are just plain annoying! It's not that they try to be, it's just their natural demeanor.

However, I think about my bills, my goals, and my projects and I truly realize that I really don't have any problems. Honestly, I think, mentally, I make my own problems. I shouldn't worry if people are at odds with me, because, if I wrong someone, an apology, is definitely in order. On the other hand, even if I am right and no one wants to accept my apolgy, then why should I fight that? Screw that, let them deal with their own baggage.

I just can't wait for The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2005, which promises to be a better gathering, all year around, no doubt! I need to blow off some steam and the Gathering, is the best place to do that! I also, have to work on my book and continue my workouts, so that I stay busy, focused, and aware.