Los Daddy's Journal

Sunday, November 01, 2009

On The Regular........

Well, it was Halloween weekend and it was actually on the weekend, so bonus for me, right? It was a fun time, We were actually on our way to a show and we had to go through this fair type thing, where everyone was in costume, it was rather cool. They had a cabaret fashion show with everyone in drag and that shit was funny as hell! At least from what I saw.

Chubbie & I dressed up as Spy Vs. Spy and it came out good. Haven't really had time to work on other projects such as my poetry trilogy, but that will be worked on fiercely from now on. At least for one of the books. I am also fervently, writing new material, that no one has seen. I may even keep it secluded, until I release it, since I am doing all the editing myself, so there you have that.

I have Christmas shopping squared away. The Hallowicked show was good too on Saturday. Also, the Lions got tapped again. A "close" loss, but a loss nonetheless. I am trying to blog every 3 days, even no matter how trivial, like this blog, for instance, LOL! Also, I am nursing a lot of internal, emotional pain right now, that I don't care to talk about.

If this year's holiday season is great, as I am predicting, I will consider this a great year......