Los Daddy's Journal

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rested....For Now...

I have been chilling the last few days and collecting my thoughts. I have been off work, you see, but Monday night, I watched a cool football game, but my team, The Detroit Lions got beat, but hey, it's only preseason, I'm rooting for you boys!
I went and say the movie Hustle & Flow on Sunday, it was a decent movie.
I am also in the painstaking process of Christmas shopping, thats gonna take some doing. I just have to make aure that I stay focused.
Now, all I have to do is stay focused and get my book done.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy As A Mutha (Beep)!

I have been sooo busy with writing my new book and going to shows and such that I really havent had time to actually sit down and colect my thought. I apologize to you "Los Daddy" fans and I will try and update more often for your viewing pleasure.
I am still in the process of finishing my next book and I really dont know when it will be done, I guess I have to wait until inspiration hits me. I have been working like mad to save for Christmas, never can be too early to save for that flava. Also, I am trying to slim down a little and have been hiting the gym like crazy, hopefully, I can accomplish my fitness goals in the "near-distant" future..lol. Truthfully, my life hasnt been all that interesting and no controversy had abounded, (thank God). I am just moving on and hopefully getting back to where I have to be.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Mentally Drained......

Man, I am mentally drained. I got into a stupid argument with this customer Sunday and it just made me so mad! I mean, true enough, it was my fault, but it's just the way people talk to each other, it really is sickening! What's worse is the way younger people talk to older people. I mean, is there any more respect in the world?
I guess I can look forward to upcoming things like concerts and christmas and such. I try to look on the brighter things in life when I can, but sometimes, people just piss me off!! True, I am sure anyone reading this could give a shit about respect, but that is a shame! I mean, I guess, just kill them with kindness and just move on. At least, I can save sanity that way. My stress is only caused by what is on my job, so why should I even have to worry about that stuff, no?