Los Daddy's Journal

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Can You Believe It...?

I am finally posting something. No, I am not dead, and this is not a spirit, this is actually me. I have been working hard as hell on my new book and rest assured, I think it will be out late next year! (WooHoo). Also, I have been Christmas shopping, of course. To all who dont know me and think they do, I got y'all fake ass M/F's the same thing I got y'all last year, just a different color, so you can add it to your collection.
I have also been trying to get workouts in and such. Y 'know, trying to make myself healthier, as we get older, thats what we gotta do to stay up with the young'uns. I am sorry that I dont have any juicy news, but that's how life is somethimes, "juiceless"!